This Old Commodore

The L.A. Times did a story on devotees of the old Commodore 64 and VIC-20 computers pegged to a user group in Fresno. That’s even farther back than This Old Mac: In an era when a home computer’s power is measured in gigabytes, (Robert) Bernardo still counts kilobytes as a devoted Commodore user 12 years … Continue reading This Old Commodore

Free antivirus software

I tried to install the Symantec antivirus software after I made the Windows 2000 upgrade, but when trying to do the install, Windows answers back that I needed a Service Pack before it can be done. That had to wait until I could get the DSL modem, which was connected to the Mac via Ethernet, … Continue reading Free antivirus software

This Old Router

I got a free router from Bruce some months back — a Netgear MR814 wireless that delivers 802.11b Wi-Fi, which means it runs at 11 megabytes per second, not the 54 Mbps of 802.11g. Since the whole point of this is to get Internet both in the house and in the converted garage-turned office, which … Continue reading This Old Router

Is your blog backed up?

Ilene brought this up recently, and I have started to look into how you can back up a blog. Of course you could just go through the archives and save each page, month by month. But there are services that will take care of it for you, including BlogCollector and Backupmyblog. And for users of … Continue reading Is your blog backed up?