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I tried to install the Symantec antivirus software after I made the Windows 2000 upgrade, but when trying to do the install, Windows answers back that I needed a Service Pack before it can be done. That had to wait until I could get the DSL modem, which was connected to the Mac via Ethernet, going through the wireless router.

In the interim, Bruce told me that Avast was better than Symantic/Norton. And Avast is free for home users.

Once I got the router hooked up and had Internet coming to the PC, I installed Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 anyway, and I didn’t opt to save my configuration, should I want to go Service Pack-less. Hopefully all will work fine.

I did get a message about a lack of virtual memory, but Windows said it was somehow adding to virtual memory, but some programs might not load. I’ll have to keep an eye on that. I do have the machine stuffed with RAM, maxing out for some reason at 262 megabytes.

I did the Avast install, and it seems to be running fine. You have 60 days during which to license the software, although it’s still free, and I think you have to re-up every 60, for what reason I don’t know, but maybe it’s so they can keep a tally on how many people are actually using it, as opposed to downloading and forgetting about it.

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  1. tribalmate

    I actually have 17 yr old PC. It's an IBM aptiva which has Windows 98 on it. I can't download any free or otherwise programs. I wish I could find an older virus program but no luck. In the middle of downloads it tells me I'm missing some type of LLC file or to update my brouser and Explorer. If anyone can advise me, I'd certainly appreciate it. My email address is (version 7) The old PC is what was left from a 19 yr marriage. At least I got something.

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