Save toner (but maybe not paper) by dumping Arial for Century Gothic

CenturyGothicSpecimen.svg200px-ArialMTsp.svgPetter Reinholdtsen reports on how large organizations can save thousands of dollars in toner costs by changing from Arial to Century Gothic for their typeface in printed documents.

Century Gothic is a “thinner” typeface and hence uses less toner. That’s where the savings comes in.

But Century Gothic is wider than Arial and for that reason probably uses more paper.

You win a little, lose a little, I guess.

In my case, it’s the first time I’ve even thought about how one typeface uses less or more toner than another.

If you’re like me, you probably print a whole lot less than you used to, and you’re saving a whole lot on toner and paper. Printing isn’t going away, but it’s certainly happening less than it once did.