Lenovo G555 laptop, age 2 years and 11 months, served well, died suddenly

It happened unexpectedly. One minute I was using my nearly 3-year-old Lenovo G555 laptop. I closed the lid, opened it a half-hour later, and s/he was dead.

Wouldn’t even POST. Just a CPU fan and a power light. That means the power supply wasn’t dead. But something on the motherboard sure was.

You can’t really do much about a 3-year-old computer that cost $330 in 2010. I’ll just be pulling the drive and moving on.

I’ve always figured that $100/year is about the right price to pay for a computer. I sure didn’t baby this one. It went everywhere, got pounded on regularly, and — not insignificantly — showed a lot of video (and facilitated the editing of a goodly amount, too).

Unfortunately, three years is what you can generally expect from computers. Five years is lucky, 10 years is “you’re crazy.” I generally am, so I understand it more than most.

I feel better about only spending $330. I’d be hopping mad if it was $900.