They call them "speed humps"

Bigger than speed bumps, about 2 feet in length, actually, “speed humps” have come to the first portion of the long stretch of Hatteras Street between Van Nuys Boulevard and Hazeltine Avenue. The reason (other than somebody calling and haranguing City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel) would seem to be that this portion of Hatteras is a … Continue reading They call them "speed humps"

Bloggus interruptus

Pardon my Latin. Not that anybody has read this, but things went haywire last night and the whole 2,000 Days in the Valley disappeared overnight. It’s back, but all of my coding changes are gone. Time to re-create the link list on the right side of the page and fix the permalink coding (not that … Continue reading Bloggus interruptus

What will Antonio do?

After crushing the San Fernando Valley under his boot in the seemingly long-ago secession drive, outgoing L.A. Mayor James Hahn (favorite nickname, “Slim Jim,” bestowed by L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez) tried to gain traction by pledging to fill our rain-drenched winter’s endless crop of potholes at a less-than-glacial pace. Never mind that my Van … Continue reading What will Antonio do?