Ex-Verizon Art Deco building gets black/yellow makeover, Seventh Street, Santa Monica


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Converse shoes as American flag, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica


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New Apple Store on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica


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Preview the Upcoming WordPress Dashboard

See tomorrow’s WordPress Dashboard today!! I’m using it right now.

The new Android app for WordPress — yes, you can blog from your phone

I’m taking my first look at the revamped WordPress for Android app, with a new UI, and it’s a huge leap from where it was before this release.

It’s quick and  extremely functional — even on my now-ancient Froyo build of Android.

If you blog at WordPress.com, or on a self-hosted WordPress.org blog, you absolutely need this app. Have multiple blogs on .com and your own .org sites? You can stuff all of those accounts into this app and work with them all.

Not only can you write and edit posts, but you can share just about anything you create on your phone (including photos) to a WordPress blog — and that ability to share content to apps continues to be a game-changer for mobile-focused OSes over their traditional desktop rivals.


Postscript: I started this post on my Android phone but am finishing it in the WordPress app for the Windows Metro desktop … more on that later.

“I am because we are”

A beautiful story about true Ubuntu that has nothing to do with computers.

Barney Kessel — tone, time, and he’s really cooking: Homage to the Poll Winners



One of the reasons I still have a turntable are to listen to my old Poll Winners records (Contemporary is the label) from the late 1950s/early 1960s featuring Barney Kessel on guitar, Ray Brown on bass and Shelly Manne on drums.

These records were my mom’s (yes, I listen to the same music as my mother … feel free to mock me), and they’ve always defined the West Coast jazz sound for me.

And along with a select few others (Herb Ellis and Joe Pass come to mind), Barney Kessel really says “West Coast jazz guitar,” to me.

This is the kind of jazz that anybody can get behind. Barney’s sound is so great, his time is wonderful, and he just plays the hell out of his guitar.

That these wonderful guys (Kessel, Brown and Manne) made so many great records that really hold up so well is a major gift to those of us who love jazz and just plain good music.