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Google Drive is pretty amazing

google_apps_for_businessI’m doing a whole lot of collaborative work in Google Drive these days — my company has gone all in with Google Apps for Business — and it continues to amaze me how you can have dozens of people in a document at once, all making edits, and the thing hangs together. It’s a testament to what you can do with a web-based application — which is a hell of a lot.

I know that EtherPad Lite does pretty much the same thing as Google Docs (the text-editing/word-processing app), and I fully support what they’re doing and hope development continues. I’ve used it in the recent past and like what I see.

But for the non-free-software-aware masses, Google Drive solves a great many problems and makes collaborating so much easier than it’s ever been. It makes me wonder why many of the other apps I need to use are so crappy.

Linux developer and sysadmin Aaron Toponce drops Google’s Feedburner, goes with native RSS in light of Google’s dropping Reader

The logo for Google's Feedburner RSS serviceAs the news of Google dropping its Reader RSS service spreads, at least some of those who relied on Google Reader to read blogs and other sites via their RSS are pledging to drop other Google services. I expect this is both in protest and as a hedge against Google dumping other unprofitable sidelines from its portfolio of services.

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I’ve been using Google Docs

In an effort to have just a little more control over what I write, on which of the many PCs I use I write it, and where I post it (i.e. to one or more of the blogs and other sites to which I’m spreading the news), I started to use Google Docs again.

The problem being that I can hardly keep track of anything that I didn’t write and post instantly. I’ve got three notebooks, each a different size (one “moleskin” type book, though no skins were harmed in its making; one composition book; one steno notepad), and a number of computers ($15 Laptop, $0 Laptop, converted Maxspeed Maxterm thin client, Dell Optiplex GX520, iBook G4), have of which change Linux distros as often as most people change underwear (that’s daily, for those of you not following), with /home partitions constantly moving, being deleted and otherwise being ignored.

So the theory is that by centralizing everything on Google Docs, I can better keep track of what is where, what is going where and what went where. That’s the theory anyway.

And while I’m on the subject, it’s time for me to make complete backups of all my blogs, especially Click, which has the most posts and is on a server that is nowhere near as reliable as those of Google or WordPress. The great thing about WordPress, as far as backups go, is the ability to export the entire blog as XML. For Google, and probably for Movable Type, I’ll just have to save monthly archives going all the way back

But I haven’t been the most prolific blogger of late. It all began when the esteemed, highly qualified individuals who run the blogs (including Click) decided that the best way to stop DNS-level spam attacks was to put an IP block on the entire European continent, costing me every link I could hope to get for Linux-related material (yep, Linux and FOSS is huge in Europe; where else would they even think of publishing “Debian Fur Dummies”?).

So I stopped pimping Click and started this blog, also throwing items to the great LXer. Losing Distrowatch as a source of links to reviews of Linux and BSD distros was probably the biggest blow. So I’ve pretty much been not caring about traffic on Click, which hovers at a steady 150-250 a day.