Google Drive is pretty amazing

google_apps_for_businessI’m doing a whole lot of collaborative work in Google Drive these days — my company has gone all in with Google Apps for Business — and it continues to amaze me how you can have dozens of people in a document at once, all making edits, and the thing hangs together. It’s a testament to what you can do with a web-based application — which is a hell of a lot.

I know that EtherPad Lite does pretty much the same thing as Google Docs (the text-editing/word-processing app), and I fully support what they’re doing and hope development continues. I’ve used it in the recent past and like what I see.

But for the non-free-software-aware masses, Google Drive solves a great many problems and makes collaborating so much easier than it’s ever been. It makes me wonder why many of the other apps I need to use are so crappy.