How to share the same Dropbox directory between Windows and Ubuntu

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I use a computer where I dual boot between Windows and Ubuntu. To avoid wasting disk space, I would like to use the same Dropbox directory between both Windows and Ubuntu. Here is how I was able to do this:

  1. I first installed the Dropbox client on Windows. Assume it uses the directory C:\Users\joe\Dropbox in my NTFS partition.
  2. Boot into Ubuntu. Edit /etc/fstab so that the NTFS partition which contains the Dropbox directory on Windows is mounted automatically at boot. I assume it is mounted at /media/my-c-drive

  3. Install the Dropbox client for Ubuntu. During installation, let it pick its default directory as /home/joe/Dropbox

  4. You can see the Dropbox client running in the Panel. Quit it.

  5. Delete the Dropbox directory and replace it with a symbolic link to the Dropbox directory on the NTFS Windows partition:

  1. Start the Dropbox client again and you are done. It will use the same…

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