It’s almost too easy — and it is.


Eat less of one thing you normally eat but feel you probably shouldn’t.

If you go to the movies, get a small popcorn instead of a medium or a medium instead of the large you normally buy.  You can pocket the quarter that makes up the difference — I know it seems like a bargain to get the bigger one.  It isn’t in terms of your health.  If you like candy at the movies, buy a small bag of candy from a store before attending, rather than a giant box.  If you just can’t stand not “saving money” bring plastic bags to divide the candy among you and your friends, and likewise the popcorn.  It’s only a bargain if you exit as healthy as you came in.

If you eat french fries, order a size smaller than the one you usually get.  If you normally eat two doughnuts, just eat…

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