A Debian victory for the $15 Laptop

3 thoughts on “A Debian victory for the $15 Laptop”

  1. “Etch in its Xfce incarnation includes the full OpenOffice suite, but not Abiword or Gnumeric (which would be good substitutes). There’s no Synaptic or Update Manager, so I’ve been doing what Debian aficionados always tell me to do: use Aptitude.”Why don’t you then just install Abiword, Gnumeric, Synaptic and update-manager? Those are in the Debian Etch repository even if you install xfce-desktop. You need to understand that Xfce is just another desktop and nothing else. Debian with xfce is not different distro than Debian with Gnome etc. So ofcourse you can install those applications even if you installed Debian with xfce-desktop.Just do this:# apt-get install abiword abiword-plugins# apt-get install gnumeric# apt-get install synaptic# apt-get install update-manager# apt-get install update-notifierI have no idea if update-notifier can be used in xfce, but atleast update-manager should work.Looks like you have used ubuntu, so you know that they have three distros: Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu. I have never understood why they do that. I think that’s simply idiotic. In Debian you just tell Debian installer which desktop you want. you van select desktop, but there is still just one Debian distro.

  2. I know I can make Debian into whatever I want with apt, but I’m just curious as to why the different desktop installs of Debian (the standardesktop with GNOME, plus the KDE and Xfce versions) install the way they do.Ubuntu may do things differently — and I think they give short shrift to Xubuntu and Kubuntu as well, but Ubuntu’s Xubuntu offshoot is a whole lot more usable in its default configuration than Debian’s Xfce.I think it would be a great thing if Debian would adopt just a little bit of Ubuntu’s marketing acumen. If Debian put out a live CD with an application lineup similar to Ubuntu’s — but with Debian’s imprint — and that CD would also install that system (in the same manner as the Ubuntu live CD) Debian would be easie to grasp, and would open up a door to many, many more users.In any case, the Debian Xfce install is plenty curious. There’s also a bunch of database software that installs by default. I’m going to take a very close look at what’s installed on this thing before I start paring it down so I can get some more space on this puny 3 GB drive.

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