The past eight months

I’ve written hundreds of entries at Click, which at present is broken and can’t be added to. I’ve done dozens of Linux and BSD installs on various old PCs. Among them:

2001 Maxspeed Maxterm thin client — built around an ECS VIA C3 Samuel-based, nearly mini-ITX-sized motherboard, maximum of 256 MB RAM, built-in CF-to-IDE adapter (disconnected so I can run extra-long IDE cables to external drives outside the thin-client box), with IDE cable connected to TDK CD-RW drive and one of three 14.4 GB IBM hard drives.

1998 Compaq Armada 7770dmt laptop (aka the $15 Laptop) — 233 MHz Pentium II MMX processor, 64 MB RAM (max is 144 MB) no USB, no Ethernet, with swappable CD-ROM and floppy (not working) drives. With Orinco WaveLAN Silver PCMCIA 802.11b wireless card, plus original 3 GB IBM hard drive. Currently running Debian 4.0 Etch and Damn Small Linux 4.0 from CD.

2001-2 Gateway Solo 1450 laptop (aka the $0 Laptop) — 1.3 GHz Celeron M processor, 256 MB RAM (maximum 1 GB … if only I had the cash), 2 USB ports, built-in Ethernet, PCMCIA has bent pins and doesn’t work, floppy drive and DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, with 30 GB Toshiba hard drive. Currently running Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy and Debian 4.0 Etch.

And of course don’t forget This Old PC:

1998 generic white-box PC with baby-AT motherboard (??), 333 MHz Pentium II MMX processor, 256 MB RAM (maximum), 10 GB hard drive, CD-ROM (CD-RW was pulled for Maxspeed thin client), 15-inch LCD monitor, USB ZIP drive, Ethernet card (Airlink 101 wireless card doesn’t work and has been pulled). Currently running Windows 2000.