Back on an 500 MHz iMac

One thought on “Back on an 500 MHz iMac”

  1. Are you still enjoying your G3 iMac? I started acquiring them about nine months ago. They’re fun to play with, but they really make me appreciate my G4 PowerMac. I have found that trying to do anything on the Internet in OS 9 is futile. I use OS 9 for old games (Alpha Centauri!), and then use 10.3 for light browsing. The main issue with the G3 iMacs is that the power-analog-video boards are going out, rendering them useless. I’d love to try to build a FrankenMac by taking the logic board and putting it in an ATX PC case, but that’s pretty technically advanced for me. Anyway, I was intrigued by your site and wanted to drop a note to see if there are any new developments.

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