Looking for This Old Laptop

I’ve been looking for a used laptop. I’m OK with something in the 233-350 MHz range, and I’m getting nowhere.

That’s because people feel that laptops in this range are worth more than $200. To me, they’re not. $100 is my upper limit, maybe $120 with shipping, but people seem to feel that their 7-or-more-year-old laptop, is worth a lot of money. And judging by what’s going on with eBay, they might be right.

Go here for all laptops on eBay, and here for the IBM ThinkPads I’ve been focusing on (for no good reason other than that they’re supposed to work well under Linux and there seems to be a lot of them). Ideally, I’d like to score something for $75. After all, there’s not a whole lot you can do with a 233 MHz laptop with a 6 GB hard drive, Windows 98 and no built-in Ethernet or wireless … and often not even USB. But there’s quite a market out there. I wish I had a bunch to sell — it’s like printing money.

If you paid $1,000 for your laptop, getting $200 for it 7 years later is a pretty heady feat. You’ll get more if you sell earlier. And the beauty of it is that if you buy one of these $200 laptops, the chances of you turning it around for what you paid for it are very, very good.

I just don’t want to spend more than $100. I’ve even tried Craigslist. You wouldn’t believe how many people are selling a laptop with posts that offer not nearly enough information on what it is they’re selling (not even a model number often) and with prices that are way inflated. I’ve lowballed a few, and most don’t even write back. Are they getting their price? I can’t think they are. All I know is that for laptops, it’s definitely a seller’s market at this point.

One factor is the fact that a laptop is generally one piece (not including the power adapter) and easily shipped … and people just seem to love laptops, even for home use (they take up less space and are less noisy).

If I do succeed in my quest, I will report here …

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi,My dad is intending to sell an old laptop that has been lying around the house (Acer Travelmate. Will have to check what’s the specific model.) Drop me an email at tashes@gmail.com if you’re interested.Cheers!

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