Old PCs are contenders

Most of the trouble Mac users have with Web browsing — if they’re not using OS X — doesn’t bother PC users at all. You see, since Microsoft abandoned the Mac platform entirely, and since both Safari and Firefox will NOT run on Mac OS 9 or earlier, using the Web on an older Mac is a major crapshoot.

Not so for Windows PCs, where Internet Explorer 6 (surprisingly good) and Firefox 2 will both run on Windows 2000 and 98. Minimum specs for Firefox are Windows 98 with 64 MB RAM and a 233 MHz processor, with “recommended” specs being Windows XP, 500 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM.

I’m not sure which Firefox version I have on This Old PC, but I’m right on the edge — in between the minimum and recommended specs with a 333 MHz processor, 262 MB RAM (although I’ve two 128 MB SIMMs and one 64 MB SIMM on the mother board — that’s all it will address) and Windows 2000.

Firefox is still available for the rest of us and will be “maintained with security and stability updates until April 24, 2007.”

Internet Explorer 6, the minimum system requirements are: 486/66 MHz processor (Pentium recommended), Windows 98 or 98se, Me, NT 4.0 with SP6a and higher, 2000 and XP. Memory: 16 MB for 98 and 98se (oy!), 32 MB for ME and 2000 and XP. Trust me, you want more power than this, but it will work.

So between these two browsers, especially IE 6 — which I predict has a few years of MS support left in it — there’s a lot of hope for your older PC in terms of general Internet browsing.

2 thoughts on “Old PCs are contenders

  1. Anonymous

    So true about older pcs having an edge over older macs online. And cheaper too. I had an old 68K mac that I briefly considered putting online but I’d have to buy an ethernet connection comm slot card which would cost more than the macs worth and even then it’s only a 10 base t not a 10/100 like this pc. I got this 266 Mhz P 2 w/ 192 MB ram no hd from guy dumping it on the local craig’s list. After digging up an old 2 gig hd w/ Win ME on it I’m sailing away on IE 6/FF 2.0 at a full megabit per sec. Can’t do that with classic mac. Yeah believe it or not this win me actually is okay . Doesn’t crash etc. Couldn’t believe it at first…

  2. Anonymous

    Update: Yeah, it’s true older PCs are easier to get on the intenet than older Macs but pre-os X Macs make up for it with security. This old PC of mine has 3 avs, a firewall and an antispyware program.Didn’t need anything for the older Macs. Apples and oranges. Macs and PCs.

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