Old PCs are contenders

2 thoughts on “Old PCs are contenders”

  1. So true about older pcs having an edge over older macs online. And cheaper too. I had an old 68K mac that I briefly considered putting online but I’d have to buy an ethernet connection comm slot card which would cost more than the macs worth and even then it’s only a 10 base t not a 10/100 like this pc. I got this 266 Mhz P 2 w/ 192 MB ram no hd from guy dumping it on the local craig’s list. After digging up an old 2 gig hd w/ Win ME on it I’m sailing away on IE 6/FF 2.0 at a full megabit per sec. Can’t do that with classic mac. Yeah believe it or not this win me actually is okay . Doesn’t crash etc. Couldn’t believe it at first…

  2. Update: Yeah, it’s true older PCs are easier to get on the intenet than older Macs but pre-os X Macs make up for it with security. This old PC of mine has 3 avs, a firewall and an antispyware program.Didn’t need anything for the older Macs. Apples and oranges. Macs and PCs.

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