QuickTime is slow on a PC

I needed to download QuickTime for the PC the other day to watch a video, and while video on it looks great, somehow Quicktime became my default program for listening to MP3s when I clicked on .mp3 links on Web pages. The slowness was killing me … and while the MP3s on my hard drive were still coming up in Windows Media Player, I couldn’t get the clickable links to come up that way.

While trying to make Quicktime behave, I opened it up. Every click was torture. Slow … like you wouldn’t believe. And this is a new Dell with Windows XP.

We don’t have full access at the Daily News to all settings, so I had to do what I could in the applications without access to the Windows Control Panel.

Anyway, I just deleted QuickTime. Even that took a long time — it’s a bloated program. As I said previously, I even prefer Windows Media Player for casual MP3 listening — it’s easier to deal with than the iTunes. And QuickTime? Fuggetaboutit.

One thought on “QuickTime is slow on a PC

  1. oldarney

    there’s quicktime alternative for that. anyways the majority of people who buy zunes hate apple. quicktime comes with itunes, witch comes with apple updater, witch keeps attempting to install safary. gotto hate em. maybe thats a way for them to get people to switch. im not saying that wmp and ie on mac are fast or bugless.

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