Free Wi-Fi update

My ethical musings aside, I tried the free Wi-Fi connection this morning, and it wasn’t working. I stayed connected, but the DNS address was sketchy at best — it kept cutting in and out. Mostly out. Moving the antenna did nothing but make it worse.

Soon I’ll have to go to the next round of Wi-Fi networking, trying different spots for the router that can potentially hit both the bedroom and The Back Room. I’m still eyeing the “telephone table” drawer, which, as its name warrants, has a phone jack. There are already two wall worts there (for the cordless phone and answering machine), and I’d have to add two more (router and modem). So I’d need either two extension cords or a power strip that can accomodate four power transformers (maybe one of those “octopus” things?). I’ve though about mounting all the equipment in a plastic box of some kind under the drawer. That would leave the drawer itself for all the other crap we keep in there.

I’m pretty sure I can hit the bedroom with Wi-Fi from there — it’s about 20 feet. But will it go from there to The Back Room? Well, I can easily power up the router from under there and check for a signal. I don’t have to wire it up just to see if it’s working radio-wise.