Free Wi-Fi update

My ethical musings aside, I tried the free Wi-Fi connection this morning, and it wasn’t working. I stayed connected, but the DNS address was sketchy at best — it kept cutting in and out. Mostly out. Moving the antenna did nothing but make it worse. Soon I’ll have to go to the next round of … Continue reading Free Wi-Fi update

This old Toolbar

Goodbye, Yahoo! Toolbar. We had quite a few good years together, you at the top of my Internet Explorer screen, allowing me to do searches without opening a Yahoo! window (hey, wait, that’s built into Safari and Firefox). And I could click on my Yahoo! Mail, or anything else I could stuff up there — … Continue reading This old Toolbar

Ask the Macist

There’s a great new column on the Laist blog called Ask the Macist. Here’s the bio of its author: About Chris Ullrich (aka the MACist): Chris is a frequent contributor to LAistas well as other publications and also tweaks Macs (and PCs) for clients in theEntertainment Industry. Well, that’s Entertainment Industry, capital E, capital I. … Continue reading Ask the Macist

I love e-mailing to Blogger

Not that I have to do it very often, but if I were blogging from the Powerbook, I’d probably post via e-mail with Netscape 4.7. Go into Settings, then E-Mail in the Blogger Dashboard to set it up. If only Movable Type had e-mail capabilities. That’s what the Daily News uses. If only … __________________________________________________Do … Continue reading I love e-mailing to Blogger