Wireless router BLOWOUT

Had a quick walk over to Fry’s today (closest retail business to the Daily News), and they have refurbished Netgear routers — wireless or wired — for $19.99 each. They’re packed in plain brown boxes. So if you need a router, it’s a whole lot less hassle than buying a used one on Craigslist or eBay, and the damn things look new.

And keeping the previous entry in mind, the Netgear router includes a firewall as well as password-protection, encryption and MAC address filtering to keep out all those you don’t want to let in.

The wireless is a somewhat older WGR614. One thing different from my old-school Netgear router — you CAN turn the wireless off.

And if you want a wired-only router, there’s the RP614 (no boxes were opened, so I couldn’t examine to see which “revision”).

A Netgear router, not a no-name, no rebate hassles, for $20. Just do it.

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