Wireless success is mine — MINE, I TELL YOU

About six new routers have cropped up in the neighborhood since the last time I checked — probably the best thing about the San Fernando Valley’s out-of-control condo construction — and I now have up to four that require no passwords.

Speed is a bit slow, and I had to mount the $3 Wi-Fi antenna I got from Fry’s on the desk, but I do have wireless Internet in The Back Room, through This Old PC.

After all the problems I’ve had trying to set up our own Wi-Fi network, it’s a relief to have somebody with a router on a upper floor beaming a signal to the entire neighborhood.

Thank you, whoever you are.

I’m not sure what the hacker ethics are in situations like this. As I’ve read on BoingBoing, many think it’s a Netizen’s duty not only to offer up a Wi-Fi connection to everybody, but to keep it password- and encryption free as well. Hooray, I say, because as a result, This Old PC’s stock has just risen dramatically.