Ed Bickert on "Pure Desmond"

2 thoughts on “Ed Bickert on "Pure Desmond"”

  1. I asked Ed how he got that great sound on that album. As usual, in his modest way, he shrugged and said "It was the engineer" He said that he hadn't changed anything.I know for sure that this was before he changed his single coil pickup. I saw him playing with the single coil after this album.

  2. I've been listening to more early Ed Bickert lately, and he always gets a good sound with that Tele.Listening closely to "Pure Desmond," I can believe that it's the original single-coil pickup on the Tele.Besides the amp — it could be a Standel or any Fender, for all we know — and besides all the variables Ed himself brings to the guitar (his technique/touch is very unique), I wonder what weight of strings he used.I know he favored a plain 3rd (G) string, and from experience know it's hard to get thick unwound 3rd strings …

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