Old dog, new browser

The truth is, I’m not all that keen on changing browsers. It took me long enough to get with Safari, and on the PC, I’m just so used to Internet Explorer. Well, the tabbed browsing feature of Firefox might be enough to convert me, if only I can figure out how to switch the tabs with the keyboard. the Yahoo! Toolbar update I downloaded recently added tabbed browsing to IE, but the inability to switch tabs without a mouse click made the whole thing somewhat worthless for me.

My favorite PC command is Alt-Tab to switch programs. There’s an equivalent on OS X (funny-thingie-key-Tab) and even an extension to make the same command work on the Mac’s OS 7.6.1 (get it from System 7 Today). Switching between windows of the current application is something else I’d love to do. If Firefox can help me there, I’ll be so sold …

Update: Ctrl-Tab switches between tabs. Deal!