I’m thinking of getting an iMac (updated)

2 thoughts on “I’m thinking of getting an iMac (updated)”

  1. At one time, I was running Panther on a 266 iMac (actually the 2nd generation), with 256 Megabytes of RAM installed. The system was PAINFULLY slow. I wouldn’t recommend running osx on any older mac unless you had a minimum of 384 megabytes of RAM installed. If you plan on running Tiger, 512 megabytes of RAM would be considered the minimum. For a 266 iMac, I would think a copy of version 9.2.2 would be ideal. It would would be snappy, and stable.

  2. X post facto will get you over the 8 gig limit A 7200 speed drive really helps recommend 10.3at least128 ram more is better. Not the fastest machine in the world but worth doing, useable.

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