Wireless router BLOWOUT

Had a quick walk over to Fry’s today (closest retail business to the Daily News), and they have refurbished Netgear routers — wireless or wired — for $19.99 each. They’re packed in plain brown boxes. So if you need a router, it’s a whole lot less hassle than buying a used one on Craigslist or … Continue reading Wireless router BLOWOUT

The ethics of "free" Wi-Fi

Should I be piggybacking on somebody else’s Wi-Fi? Since I’ve had such trouble making my own Wi-Fi network connect reliably to both the house and The Back Room (home of This Old PC), I’ve recently begun connecting to a neighbor’s wireless router. We’ve got a big apartment complex and a new condo building right behind … Continue reading The ethics of "free" Wi-Fi

Free wireless update

With my new antenna, speed on the free wireless connection is up to 24 MB/s. As far as I’m concerned, that rocks. Next step: I plan to look into the nerd-ethics of sharing Wi-Fi connections. If somebody just plugs their router in and doesn’t bother to even change the name from the default (the one … Continue reading Free wireless update