Recent rants

In keeping with the Daily News’ recent outpouring of blogging, I’ve been doing a lot of ranting and raving over there. Here’s a summary: Get ready for Talk Like Gordon Ramsay Day It’s called ‘raw food’ because it’s not cooked The New York Times discovers the Valley, sort of And over in computer geekdom: Wireless … Continue reading Recent rants

Wireless woes

I’ve spent the past month trying to split the difference, getting a good wireless signal in The Back Room, home to This Old PC, and the house, home to the iBook G4, especially without having a 2.4 GHz wireless router chugging away next to my head while I’m sleeping. Call me crazy, but I don’t … Continue reading Wireless woes

New Jody Fisher album

Jody Fisher has a new album out of solo guitar, called “Wistful Thinking,” this time entirely of original compositions. There are extensive samples here. At $15 each for his most recent two albums, it’s quite a bargain — I think Jody is one of the best solo jazz guitarists out there. He manages to bring … Continue reading New Jody Fisher album

Ted Greene site controversy

I followed a link to the Ted Greene memorial site, and it seems that due to a dispute between Ted’s siblings and those who run the Web site (including Ted’s girlfriend Barbara), the site has been taken down. Only forums remain, where it’s pretty easy to follow what happened. Leon White (producer of the “Solo … Continue reading Ted Greene site controversy

This Old Heathkit

I have a vague memory of The Heathkit H8 computer. To supplement its bread-and-butter amateur radio business, the Heathkit company made quite a stab at staying relevant as the years went by, offering early computers, robots and other things you could build at home and save a few bucks on while learning the art and … Continue reading This Old Heathkit