Get me outta here!

I’m at the East Valley Shelter, ID #A771906, and you can find me at, East Valley Shelter site. I will be ready for adoption in 2 days. TWO long days. I was found with no tags, and despite signs no one has come for me.

I’m part Chihuahua, part dachsund and maybe some mini-pinscher, which accounts for my outstanding good looks.

I have my jingle bells, they need to come off because at the moment I would hump absolutely anything. The shelter will be taking care of that. I love everyone though. Well, except cats, and birds, and well, the idiots who found me weren’t pleased that I tried to chase and eat their pets. They won’t let anything bad happen to me and are monitoring me, but who needs them anyway, they can keep their overgrown bastard of a cat and little yellow bird. Take me home, feed me something, hold me because I like that, and I will be your best buddy. I am housetrained, very well mannered and love every person I meet. Look at this face, would I lie?

5 thoughts on “Get me outta here!

  1. Steven Rosenberg

    This is a really sweet dog. If not for his dislike of Big Cat and Screech, it would be a different story, and we would keep him, but Big Cat has been through a lot and deserves a little peace.

  2. AH

    “I am housetrained, very well mannered and love every person I meet”Humm…I wonder how many words per minute he can type…

  3. Ilene

    25 on a typewriter, 35 on a computer, he says. But he was really hoping to leave most of his day open for snoozing and licking himself.

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