Ilene is better at the Sudoku puzzle than I am. I file Sudoku under “too hard, head hurts,” for the most part. By following the puzzle’s rules, it is possible, by process of elimination, to figure out where one missing number goes, then another, and so on, until the puzzle is complete. That works for … Continue reading Sudoku


Update: More Boing Boing readers use Firefox than IE. Do you have Firefox? It’s rapidly becoming a must. On the Mac, the Blogger is one of the sites that works somewhat with Internet Explorer 5, a bit better with Safari but only functions fully with Firefox. The move away from IE and toward Firefox, especially … Continue reading Out-Firefoxed

DSL, you complete me

It’s been three months or so, but we FINALLY got the DSL working right. I converted our DSL Extreme dialup account to DSL (at $14.95 a month vs. $12.95 for dialup, resistance is futile) At first, we couldn’t get a signal at all. I’m not sure what happened, but we did get up and running. … Continue reading DSL, you complete me

L.A. Times does Tom Cruise

The L.A. Times ran a large Tom Cruise/Scientology story Sunday, but the whole affair is just a rehash of pieces that appeared in Radar magazine and on What left me thinking “huh?” in Sunday’s L.A. Times piece was all the talk about excessive pampering for Tom Cruise and Scientology leader/Cruise buddy David Miscavige. So … Continue reading L.A. Times does Tom Cruise

Public radio pays

The silence about public radio salaries either means they’re abysmally low or unashamedly high. Are these seemingly dedicated people filling the commercial-free air and shilling for pledge dollars only to live like paupers themselves? Well, here’s something: Laist reveals that KPCC’s Larry Mantle, host of “Air Talk,” makes $115,000 per year, and Nic Harcourt, keeper … Continue reading Public radio pays