Orange Line: Honeymoon phase?

4 thoughts on “Orange Line: Honeymoon phase?”

  1. Did I miss the dancing seals when we were in Paris? Crap. I agree with you about Reseda instead of Canoga — it’s hell in a bucket to get to CSUN anyway but car, and then once you’re there, well, it’s still a pain in the ass.Why oh why is everyone such a whiner about mass transit in L.A.? We’ve never had the level of convenience afforded to every other major city in the world. In London you wait ONE minute or so for the tube (and even that seems to be too long for Londoners). In Paris they walk 40 miles underground for connections and exit the trains while they’re still moving, but still wear heels. Here a bus comes every 20 minutes if you’re lucky, then you can wait at the connections for a lifetime, so no one takes it.Finally lines are being linked to facilitate the use of public transportation alone (unless you live in the hills, in which case you’re both rich, and screwed). (Stop paying for the guard at the gate and pay for a shuttle). There are rapid lines now. Give it time, people, give it time.

  2. OK. We need to get a line on one of the wide streets and then build up the street VERTICALLY (with residential development above stores) so that there are enough people to patronize the lines that run up and down these boulevards.

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