The ultimate car

3 thoughts on “The ultimate car”

  1. You can’t live on the Westside without a Prius. They check credentials now. Brad married into the Camry situation and I hold him blameless. Perhaps Lara was forced physically to buy the car. At gunpoint. Which is the only way it would happen to me, but not before significant time pondering whether it wouldn’t be better to just cut out the middleman and die right there on the spot.Ever notice that they don’t make the Camry in lemon yellow or sporty red? I would appreciate it if they did, just so I could see them coming a little faster.

  2. How about a Camry with a custom “General Lee” paint job and doors that don’t open, so you’d have to get in and out through the windows? And horn that plays “Dixie.”The General Camry.

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