Will the Orange Line work?

4 thoughts on “Will the Orange Line work?”

  1. I can’t even begin to recount how many times I’ve heard that whiniest of whines: “But it doesn’t go anywhere you want to go!”Yeah. Maybe nowhere YOU want to go, you Volvo-driving jerk. And where’s that place you want to stop for coffee? Starbucks, right? For your five dollar latte? PUH. LEESE.I hate to invoke a cliche, but “if you build it, they will come.” Eventually, the areas surrounding the Orange will NO LONGER be an “industrial wasteland.” New developement will come into play. Old buildings will be gone, new buildings in their place. Adaptive re-use, guy. Look it up. And this guy is a professor? What a short-sighted twit.

  2. Excuse me, I misread. The guy is not a professor. He is a “senior fellow” at some think tank, a title which anyone can bestow upon themselves. Figures.

  3. The Orange Line is nothing more than just another bus line. It still drives slowly. It still stops at red lights. It still serves only those who do not own cars. It doesn’t save the guy who drives from Woodland Hills to North Hollywood much time. Sure, the 101 can get really congested at times, but street traffic goes just as as fast as two buses stuck together. This is a band aid solution. Light rail or a subway would have worked much better

  4. Orange line could be very good butthe biggest problem for valley transit is NOT BEING ADDRESSED. There has to be free parking for riders who own cars. They claim 3000 spots, but they are not readily located by drivers. They blew it BIGTIME in North Hollywood.No parking spaces by 8 am typically. They need at least 10,000 free parking spaces. Then the Orange Line will serve as theparking shuttle for all the peoplewho would otherwise use the RED LINE…but don’t now due to lack of parking. I drive in from VenturaCounty to take the RED LINE todowntown or Hollywood about 6 times per month. Lots of people woulduse the RED LINE if theORANGE line delivered them fromthousands of free parking spots.You could put hundreds of thousandsin the Sepulveda basin, so 10,000there, should be easy. Without the REDLINE needing to be fed, the ORANGE LINE would be a doondoggle!

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