"Modern Guitar Method" by Bill Leavitt

3 thoughts on “"Modern Guitar Method" by Bill Leavitt”

  1. Nice article, I’ve gone through a few of the Mel Bay books and have just started taking lessons with a teacher who favours the CAGED method so its interesting to see what other people think.Why not take a bit from each method?

  2. I'm still going through this book –and I started with it in a High School class in 1987. This last year I've finally started working into V3. The problem with this book is that it has such a concentrated amount of material, that it takes nerves of steel to work through it. It's a little dry and the progress is slow. That doesn't stop me from keeping it on my music stand. It's written like a classical method for modern guitar: hence its name. What astounds me is that I will have worked through a lighter, more visually accessible book, only to find later that the same chords and or scales were in this series. The exercises definitely have improved my reading ability, and technical ability, but it really isn't an end all because it's not style specific (except maybe for some mellow jazz examples and 60's style rock–think background music from Green Acres). I'm going to try and finish the third volume by 2011. It's one of those books that I've had to keep reviewing from the beginning in order to continually and gradually progress.

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