Leavitt on chords

Leavitt’s Vol. 2 is heavy on chord forms, even though “Modern Guitar Method” isn’t billed as a chord book. It is known for it’s reading and scale work, but there are tons of chord forms, some in Vol. 1 but many more in Vol. 2 that can really improve your comping. He doesn’t get into … Continue reading Leavitt on chords

Instruction books

Go ahead, ask me about the Western world and it’s relationship to books. The Jews are called “the people of the book,” and all three of the major Western religions, Judiasm, Christianity and Islam, are all based on sacred texts. So the worship is focused on gods, prophets, saints and beliefs, to be sure, but … Continue reading Instruction books

Classical gas

No, not the 1970s instrumental hit. I recently pulled out my Goya G-10 classical, the first guitar I ever played (I’ve had it since the 1970s, it’s been in the family longer and is beat up as hell). The D string broke awhile ago, and I finally got around to restringing the basses. (Classical guitar … Continue reading Classical gas