The mind of Wayne Shorter

2 thoughts on “The mind of Wayne Shorter”

  1. Yes, a whole lot of c-r-a-p on TV. Some people are compartmentalized geniuses. Serious geniuses without humor and various habits of poor taste are some sort of flaming bore. I use this as justification that some day I might too be eligible for genius status! xo

  2. I have read the Shorter biography, which in fact is a hagiography. Were the guy not such a genius composer he would have disappeared into obscurity long ago,like his late brother Alan. A sense of humour and mischief is o.k but Shorter can seem precious and irritating; the writer wants to ask him about music and he replies “what’s your first memory – because that’s Occam’s Razor!” NO IT’S NOT – it’s a pile of evasive, obfuscatory b***s*** and shows that Shorter doesn’t really want to communicate properly. And no biographer should permit the subject of their biography to write the foreword.

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