The mind of Wayne Shorter

Since Wayne Shorter is one of the greatest and strangest saxophonists of all time, this probably belongs in my jazz blog, but it’s just so … interesting that I thought it fit better right here. I haven’t read the new Shorter bio, “Footprints,” but the book, along with a new album and trio tour, has … Continue reading The mind of Wayne Shorter

Scientology after all

The whole TomKat phenomenon has gotten me thinking about Scientology. I first seriously looked at the whole thing in the early ’90s, when I was city editor at the Glendale News-Press (back in the days before the L.A. Times bought it — another story for another time). At the time, Glendale was the local nexus … Continue reading Scientology after all

The last 18 days

I haven’t blogged in 18 days. Time flies. I have all sorts of blog-worthy ideas, but since I can’t speak them into a tape recorder wired continuously to my noggin and subsequently will them to appear here in some sort of grammatically acceptable form, it just hasn’t been happening. Traffic light from hell still bugs … Continue reading The last 18 days

They call them "speed humps"

Bigger than speed bumps, about 2 feet in length, actually, “speed humps” have come to the first portion of the long stretch of Hatteras Street between Van Nuys Boulevard and Hazeltine Avenue. The reason (other than somebody calling and haranguing City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel) would seem to be that this portion of Hatteras is a … Continue reading They call them "speed humps"