Bloggus interruptus

Pardon my Latin. Not that anybody has read this, but things went haywire last night and the whole 2,000 Days in the Valley disappeared overnight. It’s back, but all of my coding changes are gone. Time to re-create the link list on the right side of the page and fix the permalink coding (not that it’s broken, I just think it’s counterintutive to click on the TIME of the post to get the PERMALINK. Why not just click on the word Permalink (or Permanent link … I haven’t decided how jargony to be just yet) to get the link?

As I’ve observed, the way to get noticed in the blogging world is to feverishly link to other blogs, with the expectation being that those bloggers will, in turn, notice YOUR blog and begin linking to it in kind. Well, that’s the idea anyway. As effortless as this sometimes looks, actual blogging takes time.

For those who are following, the traffic light at Victory and Woodley hasn’t been as bad the last few days — maybe two lights to get through it. Perhaps it was tweaked a little?

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