The traffic signal from HELL

One of the stations on the new Orange Line busway through the San Fernando Valley is being built at the corner of Victory Boulevard and Woodley Avenue in the Sepulveda Basin (call it Lake Balboa or West Van Nuys or Just Too Damn Close to the Airport, whatever you like).

Presumably in connection with the busway, “upgraded” traffic signals have been installed at this intersection, where I’ve lately seen workers tinkering with what looks like a mainframe-worthy rack of signal-timing equipment.

And it’s killing me.

On my drive home from the Daily News in Woodland Hills to Van Nuys via Victory Boulevard, I can count on a five-minute wait just to get across Woodley Avenue. The light stays green for Victory traffic less than 30 seconds, it seems, and it takes three to five red/green cyclings of the light for me to get through on what is usually a VERY fast street. (Going East on Victory between Tampa Avenue and the 405 Freeway is GOLDEN … speed limit is mostly 45 MPH, lights are timed for 50-55, even though this IS NOT A FREEWAY.)

I got steamed enough yesterday to call 311, the Jimmy Hahn pothole line (thanks again, Steve Lopez) and got through right away to a very nice gentleman. But the transfer to the proper department was taking an interminable amount of time, and I only have 60 cell-phone minutes per month, so I clicked the phone closed, crossed Woodley and went home.

So much for civic duty and regulated road rage.

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